Friday, May 6, 2011

Music Video Round-Up - May 2011, Part 1

Lots of great new vids to talk about this month, so we're going to split this round-up over two parts.  Part 2 will be coming soon!

Josh Abbott Band, "Oh, Tonight"

Overall simple, but including a few more dramatic touches - like fire, for instance.  The music video preserves the same conversational tone that the song itself has, in that it shows Josh Abbott and Kacey Musgraves playing guitar and singing to each other in a simple fireside setting.

The Dirt Drifters, "Something Better"
(Embedding disabled - Click here to watch)
This video follows a blue collar worker through his grueling everyday routine.  It includes quite a few odd camera angles, and a good bit of humor.  Quirky, fun, and off-beat, just like the song.

David Nail, "Let It Rain"

Eh, didn't really care for this one.  Kind of boring.  Never really went anywhere.  All that really happened was sitting around and watching the soon-to-be-ex-lover get dressed.

Thompson Square, "I Got You"

A Sonny & Cher spoof - seems appropriate, considering the song's title.  This video finds Keifer and Shawna Thompson playing muliple roles - the hosts of the Keifer & Shawna Show, themselves performing as Thompson Square, and others as well.  Still not a fan of the song, but this is a cute video.

Sugarland, "Tonight"

Some interesting visual elements, including a variety of colorful costumes worn by Jennifer Nettles.

Emerson Drive, "Let Your Love Speak"

What could possibly be a cooler setting than Sydney, Australia?

Chris Young, "Tomorrow"

Simple, yet very well played out.