Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glen Templeton, "I Could Be the One"

Songwriters:  Tom McHugh, Jay Knowles

Is there still room for a two-stepper on country radio?  Even one as good as Glen Templeton's new single "I Could Be the One"?  Could Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum just scoot over and make a little room?

"I Could Be the One" is sung from the perspective of a rough-around-the-edges character hoping that the object of his desire will give him a chance, and recognize his potential.  The first verse acknowledges his somewhat unsavory character traits.  He can be "stubborn as a two-dollar 4-H mule, hard to handle as your granddad's tools... but," he points out, "I could be the one."  The second verse delves into what could happen if these two potential lovers get together.  "I could be a too-much-tequila mistake, or I could be your heart's big lucky break.  Might be a little more than you can take, but," he reminds us yet again, "I could be the one." 

Each verse builds on the previous one in a well-arranged lyrical progression.  As the interesting similes and metaphors flesh out the narrator's character, it's hard not to wonder if the uncertainty of the relationship's outcome only adds further fuel to the passion between him and his potential significant other.  You definitely have to give credit when a song can sound this catchy while still possessing organically-layered lyrics that can hold up under scrutiny.

Did I mention that the track also sounds really cool?  The production follows a steady shuffle tempo while a banjo plucks away prominently.  The thumping beat in the background offers just enough oomph to underscore the other elements without overwhelming them.  Glen's smooth vocal delivery ties it all together into a fun, upbeat track that is both remarkably catchy and unmistakably country.  If country radio were to give a chance to cool country shuffles like this, it would undoubtedly make for a much more interesting listening experience.

(Scores are given on a scale of 1 to 10)