Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easton Corbin, "Roll with It"

No, it is not a cover of the Steve Winwood rock classic. It's the brand-new single from one of the fresh new faces on the country music scene. After hearing far too many brainless backwoods barbarian country-rock anthems, his down-home and twangy debut single, "A Little More Country Than That" was a breath of fresh air. Seeing as the song became Easton's first-ever number-one hit, it would seem that many people shared my high opinion of it. I think it says something that Easton has already had the unspeakable honor of being confused with George Strait. Now, Easton follows up his debut smash with his new single, "Roll with It."

"Roll with It" combines two lyrical themes that are popular among country radio listerners. I might describe it as a "Let's hit the road" song and a "Let's hit the beach" song rolled into one. It is similar in theme to hits such as Lonestar's "What About Now" and Jo Dee Messina's "Heads Carolina, Tails California," but it also bears a resemblance to many of Kenny Chesney's beachgoer tunes. Easton sings about wanting to cruise down the interstate with his loved one, and go any place that has a beach. He doesn't care where they end up, or where life takes them, as long as they are together. This is the kind of song we expect to hear as soon as the winter snow melts, and the weather starts warming up.

If Easton is going to release a song like this, he will face a great deal of competition from similarly-themed songs. But thanks to the rich, neotraditionalist-style instrumentation, "Roll with It" is elevated above the rest of the pack. Easton's laid-back vocal delivery also adds to the song's appeal. He even maintains his country-boy image with references to going fishing, and snacking on pig skins. "Roll with It" may not be Easton's strongest song, but I can give it plenty of points for catchiness. It is a simple romantic pleasure that is just plain fun. You will only have to hear it a few times on the radio before you find yourself singing along.

Props to Easton for adding another solid song to his growing catalog of hits. He may be a new artist, but he is definitely not a flash in the pan.

(Scores are given on a scale of 1 to 10)