Monday, April 11, 2011

Toby Keith, "Somewhere Else"

Gloomy lyrics meet a catchy singalong melody on "Somewhere Else," the third single from Toby Keith's current album Bullets In the Gun.  It's a solid, if not groundbreaking potrayal of romantic disappointment in which the character seeks solace at his favorite bar.  The  narrator broods over all the little disappointments in his life, from the loss of his woman to the Cubs getting beat on Sports Center.  He emphasizes the aimlessness of his existence in the hook "If you don't know where you going/ You might end up somewhere else."

The lyrics handle the theme of heartbreak competently, but the performance is the single's most notable characteristic, with Toby rattling off the verses in a fast-talking delivery that makes the song stick in your head.Toby has many times proven himself to be a talented vocalist, and his strong performance on this track does not disappoint.  The production includes an interesting mix-up of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, which makes for a fun and engaging listen.
Enjoyable as it is, "Somewhere Else" might not be particularly well-remembered after finishing its chart run.  We might forget about for a while, and then get back into it after some time away from it.  In summary, "Somewhere Else" is not what you'd call a career record, but it's solid enough to build on the legacy that Toby Keith has already established.

(Scores are given on a scale of 1 to 10)