Thursday, November 4, 2010

Katie Armiger, "Best Song Ever"

"Best Song Ever" is the third single from Katie Armiger's recently-released third album Confessions of a Nice Girl.  Speaking of confessions, I have a confession of my own to make.  This little piece of pop-country fluff is my go-to happy song whenever I need a pick-me-up, and it has been such ever since I first heard Katie sing it at her album release party.

The storyline:  Katie has just been through a bad breakup, but one day when driving through town, she hears a love song on the radio that somehow gives her new hope that her relationship can be rekindled!  She is thrilled at the prospect!  She turns up the volume and shouts her hopeful excitement for all the world to hear.  At one point, she seems to doubt herself for a moment, as she takes a moment to reassure herself "I'm not crazy - You still want me, don't you baby?"  But she quickly pushes such thinking out of her mind, and once again relishes the joy of having found her perfect love's "perfect soundtrack."

Granted, this does sound a lot more like pop than country.  The arrangment is mainly built on pop-heavy drumbeats and guitars, with a mandolin supplying the country flavor.  But even though it is essentially pop, the arrangment still sounds happy, and fits the mood of the song.  Even the mandolin sounds happy, rather than sounding out-of-place among the track's pop flavorings.

Does this song live up to its title?  Is it really Katie's "Best Song Ever"?  Maybe not.  Is is unrealistic?  Of course it is.  But listen to Katie's energetic delivery of this song - she sure sounds like she believes it!  A playful and bouncy melody pushes the song's hookiness through the roof.  I've always loved the sound of Katie's voice, but when she decides to play the catchy card, I find her darn near irresistible.

Just try listening to "Best Song Ever" in the car with the windows rolled down and the volume turned up.  Then you'll understand.

(Scores are given on a scale of 1 to 10)