Monday, May 10, 2010

LoCash Cowboys, "Here Comes Summer"

Ah... summer! As it draws ever nearer, there are so many things to look forward to. The weather gets warmer. The kids get a break from school. You might even take a vacation with your family. But there are some things about summer that we aren't so excited about. Television becomes saturated with boring reruns. And country radio stations are barraged with an endless flood of summer-themed songs with lyrics that are about as poetic as a phone book. When it comes to releasing bland summer tunes, the LoCash Cowboys are a couple of this year's primary offenders.

This entire song sounds like it was written by a perverted teenage idiot. All these boys do is rattle off a list of things that are associated with summertime. It starts with "B-b-b-barefoot beach blonde walking on white sand, boogie board, Good Lord, girls flirtin' workin' on a good tan," and it's all downhill from there. The chorus screams "Here comes summer/ Ain't nothin' hotter/ Three months of nothin' but women and water." What on God's green earth is this song trying to say? Is it telling any kind of story? Does it have a message of any kind? Is it supposed to stir my emotions? No, no, and no. I can't see what the point is to these pathetic lyrics. It only sounds like an excuse to shoot a music video with a bunch of half-naked bikini babes (which is exactly what they did).

The vocals only run the song further into the ground. The obnoxiously over-exaggerated fake Southern drawl is downright painful to listen to. The only reason I suffered through the entire song was because I was writing a review of it. One listen left me thoroughly annoyed, not to mention three and a half minutes closer to the grave.

Clearly, the LoCash Cowboys are trying to capitalize on the popularity that summer songs often enjoy during this time of year. But in so doing, they have entirely sacrificed artistry and good taste. The end result is one of the most idiotic country songs of 2010. Here comes summer - there goes creativity.

(Scores are given on a scale of 1 to 10)