Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Music Video Round-Up - January 2011

Katie Armiger, "Best Song Ever"

Ha, I totally could have been in this video.  See all those people bopping out to "Best Song Ever"?  That's how I get whenever I'm listening to it in the car.

Easton Corbin, "I Can't Love You Back"

Really interesting concept.  It fleshes out the storyline a bit further, and shows that the departed lover has not dumped the guy, but rather was killed in a car accident (Don't worry - It's not graphic or bloody).  It makes the song seem even sadder!  My only thing is that I was expecting it to reach some sort of peak when it finished showing the lover driving in reverse back towards her man, and it really didn't.  But still a good video nonetheless.

The Grascals and Dolly Parton, "I Am Strong"

Aw, they filmed it at St. Jude.  And yay for Dolly Parton!

Favorite new video?

56% - Easton Corbin, "I Can't Love You Back"
37% - Katie Armiger, "Best Song Ever"
6% - The Grascals and Dolly Parton - "I Am Strong"