Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joey + Rory, "This Song's for You"

Joey + Rory are now making another attempt to get some new music on the radio, this time with help from some friends.

"This Song's for You," the first single from Album Number Two, is a simple shout-out to all the hardworking common folks who go to the duo's concerts.  The set of lyrics is not completely airtight, as it does include a few throwaway lines (particularly the one about the Wall Street "fat cats"), and some even feel a bit rehashed.  But fortunately, the lyrics still have a central theme that binds everything together.  It is clearly directed at expressing appreciation for their fans.

Joey + Rory retain their neotraditional country style on this track, but it still has enough polish to sound modern and radio-friendly.  In one of the song's verses, they declare that "If you love country music as it real as it comes, this song's for you."  Thus, they show that they take pride in the distict and unmistakable country quality that their music possesses, making that one of the most endearing lines in the song. (Hey, I love country music as real as it comes!)

Though Joey did most of the singing on most of the duo's previous releases, she and Rory trade off verses throughout this song.  The fact that we get to hear more of Rory's fine singing voice increases the song's appeal.  Zac Brown sings the bridge - a token contribution that adds little to the song (You might even mistake him for Rory).  It's not surprising to see Joey + Rory collaborating with the Zac Brown Band since they have often toured together, but Zac's vocals on this track seem to serve little purpose other than simply adding to its commercial appeal.

Me and my sister meting Joey + Rory at the Ryman Auditorium after their opening set for Patty Loveless
(Taken 11-2-09, not 1-1-06)
While this is unlikely to be the one song that Joey + Rory are remembered for decades from now, it is solid enough to possibly give them their long-awaited breakthrough on country radio.

(Scores are given on a scale of 1 to 10)